Friday, December 18, 2009

Week 12- Class One is over...

There's a wee break between Class I and II so I can recharge my batteries.
Over the holiday I'm going to watch some sculpting videos so I can make better props...
Well here's my progress video. It's the past weeks projects.... Behold!

It is most recent to earliest.... except on the poses, which are earliest to latest.

Looking forward to Class Two... Body Mechanics should be very helpful.
Well, over and out.... I'll probably post back "next year".

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ahh week 11.

At the beginning of our blogging adventures I intended to post weekly for you, my dear reader. That will not be the case since I am busy doing animation! I'm going to be a bit more lax about posting EVERYTHING... Instead I will update every so often and show a few things from past weeks. That being said, I'm almost done with Class 1! We're working on walks right now... After I polish this weeks walk I'll post some stuff. So I leave you with this....

Here are a few poses...




And just for fun...
Out of the mucky mucky of animation rose something more polished... I'm proud of my stuff the past few weeks but still have a long way to go... I think class two will be helpful. It's body mechanics.